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Sambi Alieu Published 7 months ago in Podcasts

Episode 000: Enter The Shift


My name is Sambi Alieu and I'm your host.

I can't tell you how excited I am that you could join me on this journey!
Frequency Shift is an auditory/ visual experience dedicated to shifting your frequency into alignment with what you truly want to manifest in life. Episodes will highlight successful entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives who have made the leap into the balance of mind, body and soul, sharing how they apply it to every day life and business.

However, before I take you into the amazing guests I have lined up, I want to first take you back to the start of my journey, that way you will understand why this means so much to me. You see up until now I have never shared my whole story, and if you have been following me on social platforms you know that I've talked about bits and pieces of my experiences! But today I'm sharing it all, from the lows of my lows to the highs! Once you listen you will pinpoint exactly when the shift occurred! So plug in your earphones and turn the volume up, as you enter FREQUENCY SHIFT! and of course I'd love to hear your feedback so let me know what you think by dropping a comment on my IG page @SambiAlieu


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