How does Wlojoii view copyright?

In layman's terms, Copyright is used to describe a number of legal rights that exist in original creative musical, dramatic or artistic works. In the realm of copyright law,  these rights are exclusive to the owner of the copyright and enable the owner to control how their works are used and to prevent stolen, unauthorized or plagiarized use.

What is copyright infringement, and how can I avoid it?

In music, there are several areas that can be easily copied- Including but not limited to stems, chord progressions, riffs, original scores, a bridge, and even down to the basic level of bass note patterns. Because the rights afforded by copyright law are exclusive to the copyright owner(s), you will breach the copyright if you do any of those things without the permission of the copyright owner(s) - for example, if you remake or remix a track using the copyright owners' chord progression and styling without documented permission.

What should I be careful about?

Copyright is a convoluted game because many parts in its assessment are subjective. If you have a doubt regarding the extent of your rights in any sounds, you should get in touch with a qualified creative works lawyer prior to publishing anything to Wlojii. Here are a few things you may want to review before you publish your sounds to Wlojii:

For music upload

Make sure you have a positive answer to all these questions:

  • Did you write/compose the music yourself?

  • Did you write/compose the lyrics yourself?

  • Did you record and produce the track yourself or using resources owned by you,  or do you have permission from the producer or record label that made the recording?

  • Do you have documented permission from all copyright owners to use any of the parts, sounds, samples, or loops contained in the track?

  • Do you have a record label distribution deal?

  • Have you distributed or licensed your sounds to anyone else?

  • Does the track or album contain parts or the entirety of someone else's song(s)? Is it based on someone else™s track(s)?

  • Is it a recording of your performance? As in, did you physically create this sound?

  • Is the recording rehearsed or recited from a script, play or book (other than one written by you)? If so, have you created an adaptation, abridged version or alternative? 

  • Does the recording contain any music or excerpts from other copyrighted works (e.g. movie dialogue)?

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